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MINAS GERAIS -SERENADES- Part Four- English Poem

Part Four- English Poem
SERIE: Contemporaneous

Poem number 1358
Por Sílvia Araújo Motta

Diamantina was declared by UNESCO
as past of Humanity´s Cultural Heritage…
SERENADES presentations along the streets:
begins at the Market Square untill JK Square.

Gathering of two fanfares on the balconies
of the centenary mansions of the Histories
Center, the beautiful “Vesperata” is conducted
by a famous Maestro on the ground.

The public seated at the tables
in the middle of the stones streets,
wich the “Show” savoring drinks
and tidbits pays for some persons.

Lovers of musical cultures and adventures
need to visit others cities of the serenades.
They´re importants historical: Ouro Preto,
Congonhas, Belo Vale,Mariana, S.João del Rei.

Belo Horizonte, International Congress,
26 de julho de 2007.


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